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Gene’s Propane LLC. offers a variety of propane sales and services to meet the needs of customers

Propane tank sales

Propane tank sales, additional sizes available

Propane sales and refills:
We are able to deliver propane refills for small tanks of 100lbs (25 gal.) up to 1000 gal. and beyond at extremely competitive prices. We offer both will-call and automatic-refill services.  Please contact us for current pricing information.

Emergency refills:
After-hours emergency refill service is available for situations where propane runs out and a refill is urgently needed.  Emergency service call fees apply.  Please contact Gene’s Propane for details or to request service.

Propane tank sales and installation:  We sell, deliver, and install tanks of all sizes from 20lb (grill bottle size), through 1000 gallon tanks. We do both above-ground and underground installations (for takes of 100 gallons and larger.)

Propane customers have a choice of purchasing their own tanks or using loaner tanks provided by Gene’s Propane LLC.  The cost of loaner tanks is reflected in the per-gallon cost of propane.  Per-gallon costs for customer-owned tanks can be over 20% less.  Please contact us to discuss which option might best suite your particular  needs.

Propane equipment maintenanceGene’s Propane LLC. can provide repair and installation service for propane lines and related equipment.  If you have a problem with your equipment, please consult the Propane Safety section of this website.