Gene's Propane Service Gene’s Propane LLC. is based in south-central Pennsylvania and proudly sells propane, tanks, and related services in Hanover, Dillsburg, York, Gettysburg, Shrewsberry, Carrol County Maryland, and surrounding areas.  Services offered include propane sales, tank sales, emergency refill service, and related maintenance at extremely competitive prices.  Please see “Products & Services” for more details.

What is propane?  Propane, sometimes referred to as liquified petroleum gas or LP-gas, is a byproduct of natural gas and crude oil processing.  It is nontoxic, colorless, and virtually odorless.  As with natural gas, an odor is added for safety so that leaks can be easily detected.  Over 88 percent of propane used in the United States is made from domestic sources with a majority of the small imported portion coming from our northern neighbor Canada. tank_valves_7322Propane has a wide range of uses which include:

    • Residential heating
  • Water heaters
    • Barbecues
    • Stoves and ovens
    • Backup electrical generators
    • Clothes dryers
    • Fireplaces
  • Engines

A propane tank installation at your house can even provide an alternative for those who prefer to cook with gas, but don’t have natural gas lines to their house.  Propane is also powering a new generation of backup electrical generators. Whether you are considering turning to propane gas to meet your needs or have been using it for years, Gene’s Propane can meet your needs at competitive prices.  Give us a call to check current pricing and see how much you could save over the competition.